February Freezearee is back!

Are you ready to test your winter camping gear and see how low you can go?  February’s trip will not only be themed the “Freezearee” again, but this year we kick it back to 2012’s adventure where we went minimalist!

This minimalist freezearee trip will utilize the troop’s backpacking stoves to cook the meals of your choice, backpacking style meals are recommended, and we will bring NO troop water…ZERO!  You will arrive at this campout with whatever water you bring with you, and you will melt/boil/sterilize snow to drink all weekend as you would in a winter survival situation.  Stove fuel is a hot commodity in a survival situation, and using the stove sparingly takes great discipline.  This trip will test your abilities as a patrol and troop.  And if you run out of fuel…you’ll have to improvise with other means! 

Saturday’s primary activities will consist of Snowshoeing, sledding, snowboarding and if the snow conditions warrant, construction of snow shelters (aka quinzee huts) for Saturday’s overnight.  A spare change of dry clothes is REQUIRED.


The official camping location for this event will be chosen February 9th, this all depends on snowfall totals between now and the campout!

Previous February trips have net 60-75 frost points in one weekend. 

Are you ready to see how low can you go?  Let’s find out!