Philmont 2013 was awesome!

Eight Scouts and three Advisors just returned from Philmont Trek 802-M 2013!!  We will be uploading pictures to the picasa web album for the trip soon!  The trek was officially 40 miles but we’re pretty sure with side hikes and other activities we logged the big 50.
A great time was had by all, we learned a lot about ourselves in the time we had on the trail and can’t believe the trip is over already!  My how time flies!!

Emmaline Lake Backpacking

Troop 184 will be backpacking in for a 2 day trek to Emmaline Lake July 19th through 21st 2013.  We will be going in 4 miles to Cirque Meadows where we will setup camp for the night, and July 20th we will hike the remaining couple miles to Emmaline Lake for the day.  Emmaline Lake sits at 11,100 feet and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountain ranges Colorado has to offer.

Stay tuned for pictures surfacing next week!
Our Spot Tracker should go active around 3 PM today at the following link:
If this live box (below) doesn’t show up or work, use the link above.


Devil’s Backbone – Intro to Philmont 2013

Time to get ready for our Troop’s High Adventure trip to Philmont this summer.  As part of the preparation, the boys are engaging in personal fitness routines on their own as well as a planned hike each month designed to get boys and adults in shape for this great hiking trip.  This month’s trip was to the Devil’s Backbone.  The boys are beginning these planning hikes with 20 lb. packs.  The weight of the backpacks will gradually be increased to match the planned weight of the packs when we head to Philmont.  Great job scouts!  Our trip was 5.05 miles long with an elevation gain of 500 ft.  A great start to these monthly hikes!



Popcorn sales 2012 top sellers

This year the Popcorn sales contest was once again dominated by Mark and AJ.  As a reward to the two of them, they had the opportunity to put a pie in the face of our Troop’s Charter organization Rep and the Committee Chairman.  Mark launched a side attack on the Committee Chair while AJ opted to have the Charter Rep put the pie in HIS face!  Once again, we had a great time and since the Committee Chairman is the Father of AJ, the father-son picture is priceless.  Great job Scouts.  Who’s gonna win next year and who will be the new targets?  Just a hint……Adults:  Don’t miss a committee meeting!   😉


2013 Sheriff’s Dept Christmas Party

If you weren’t at the tree lot you were requested to work the sheriff party. The party started at 4:30 to 9:30. We were able to eat a wonderful dinner before we got to work. We had 10 – 15 stations from: ring toss, soccer, and bowling also we had about 32 gift bikes for the kids. The kids put their name in a basket for the bike they liked so in the end the kids had a raffle and the winner got to keep the bike. The temperature was 15 degrees when we started and when we finished at 9:30 the temp was in the single digits. There were special guest for the children, Ronald McDonald did a magic show and the other special guests were Santa and Mrs. Claus from the North Pole. At the party they got to play games, ate dinner and did arts and crafts. There were at least 300 kids that showed up and each of them had a blast 
From your historian, Aaron F.

December 2013

Christmas Trees 2013

Troop 184 had a tree lot which all scouts were required to help. There were 4 shifts each Friday through Sunday that were available but you only had to work 3 of them for the 4 weeks we worked. The shift was from morning to afternoon to midafternoon and night. Also if there were extra shifts you could work them to earn more money for your scout account. We sold a total of 479 trees. We had multiple trees from 4ft to 11 ft. The trees we had were Charlie brown, noble fir, grand fir, Michigan fir, balsam fir and Frasier fir. During our shifts each scouts was responsible to carry, hold or unwrap the trees. The leaders/parents took the money, filled out paper work, and to use a chain saw to precut the tree. The temp was from 60 degrees to 5 degrees.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From your historian, Aaron F.

November 2013 Campout

Our troop went on a shooting campout in Red Feather Colorado. If you didn’t go you missed out on a whole lot. We stayed 2 nights November 9th through the 11th. During our camp trip, we got to shoot a 22 caliber rifle and a 12 gage shotgun. Anyone under the age of 14 shot single shot rifles and the pump shotgun but if you were a Venture Scout you were able to shoot semi animatic rifles, and magazine, shot semi animatic shotgun and or a double barrel shotguns. Also available to the Adventure Scouts were AR15s and 30-6s. this 2 night campout allowed us to get 25 frost points for the trip. Also we worked on 3 main merit badges rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and cooking merit badges. I believe the cooking merit badge will be an Eagle required badge now in January 2014. The campout taught us how to be careful, and responsible with a gun. We shot about 2000 rounds of 22 and about 1000 rounds of shot gun.
From your historian, Aaron F.